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David Rojas Jr.

A musician, who explored his senses

and found an eye for photography. 

Born and raised in a city where people vacation. Southwest Florida, is a melting pot of cultures; making it the perfect destination. Many visit, while most decide to call it home. Weddings are at the foundation of where I grew up, and beaches are a second home.

Growing up as musician, I loved having the opportunity to watch people reminisce to the sound of melodies. With photography, I've had a similar experience while creating memories.


Photography is the adhesive,

piecing together the chapters of my life. 

As a husband & father, you'll always find me with a camera in hand. Each photo, like a grain of sand in a hour glass. My wife, Andrea, taught me that balconies are for more than just the view. Since then, I've embraced heights with education. Always learning something new.


My family is my, "Why"


As my daughter continues to grow faster than flower in the spring, every photo is a reminder of how time can be. So with my camera, I click quick, to embrace a glimpse of my little girl growing to be - a God sent, beautiful blend of her mother & me.

Looking forward to telling your story.





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